Pre-finished Hardwood Pros

The durable finishes of pre-finished hardwood allow for easy installation on a broad number of subfloors. This flexibility is not assured with site finished hardwood flooring. Additionally, pre-finished hardwood can be installed in just about any climate because pre-finished hardwood has proven to be more resistant to moisture and humidity than site finished hardwood.

This adaptability explains why pre-finished hardwood floors are the choice for floors that are below grade and where the room is prone to moisture. In these conditions, pre-finished hardwood floors are more versatile than site finished hardwood.

Experts report that when hardwood is pre-finished, it can receive multiple coats of finish that are uniformly applied in the factory. This makes for a finished surface that is difficult to achieve with site finished floors. Perhaps the greatest benefit of pre-finished hardwood floors is that they can be installed on a wide number of subfloors because the finish work need not be completed on site.

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