Site Finished Hardwood

Customization Allowed with Site Finished Hardwood

Experts salute site finished hardwood for several specific reasons, foremost of which is the ability to customize the floor to the home and the surroundings. It takes a skilled workforce to install and site finish hardwood floors. But, the buyer who wants to maximize the natural beauty of hardwood will enjoy having experienced installers and hardwood finishers customize the wood to accommodate the environment for years to come.

A disadvantage of pre-finished is that the colors and finishes in the floor could be discontinued by the time hardwood floor needs repair. But, with site finished hardwood floors, the surface, borders, herringbone, inlays and other custom features can be tailor made. In most cases, site finished hardwood ends up looking and feeling warmer than pre-finished floors.

Site Finished for Kitchen Hardwood Floors

There’s more than artistry to consider when installing hardwood kitchen floors. When hardwood is site finished, a seamless, consistent surface is ensured. The gaps between hardwood planks are known as bevels and microbevels, two miniscule gaps that seem to attract liquids, cleaning products and/or food into and beneath the surface.

With site finished hardwood floors, these bevels and micro bevels are eliminated meaning that neither liquid nor food spills slip between the planks and create odors or damage to the wood. If cleanliness counts, site finished hardwood floors for the kitchen is probably the right choice.

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