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thumb_300_300_55bb19fe45060Tsianfan is a flooring display manufacturer.Specialized in wood flooring Display Racks,carpet display racks,floor display boards,floor display cabinet,Vinyl Display Stand,Lamilate Display Rack,etc. .Our customers throughout Europe,US,Australia, Southeast Asia, Middle East.Have produced and designed a lot of carpet display stand and floor brochure display for the leader of Engineered flooring , pure wood floor,hardwood,etc..


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Vinyl display stand in Tsianfan

Are you struggling to find the suitable vinyl tile display stand?Or don’t know where to buy a favored display rack.You need to consider the size, thickness, the show effect, price,etc, don’t worry,today let me introduce several simple vinyl tile display stand to you which are made by Tsianfan industry. Single-sided double-row hanging display stand As […]

Cleaning and maintenance of Vinyl Tile Flooring

Initial maintenance: vinyl flooring can not be brushed or rubbed within 5 days after laying, in order to facilitate the dryness of the adhesive.Gently wash and polish with a milky wax or coating.If the finish is required to be high, it needs to be polished, but vinyl tile flooring is usually not very demanding.  Every […]