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thumb_300_300_55bb19fe45060Tsianfan specialize in Vinyl Display Stand,Wood Flooring Display Racks,carpet display racks,floor display boards,floor display cabinet,Lamilate Display Rack,etc..Our customers throughout Europe,US,Australia, Southeast Asia, Middle East.Have produced and designed a lot of carpet display stand and floor brochure display for the leader of Engineered flooring , pure wood floor,hardwood,etc..


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How to clean vinyl flooring?

Compared with ceramic tiles, the vinyl flooring cleaning has more precautions, especially when choosing a cleaning agent, so that the floor can be used for longer time. So how to clean vinyl flooring better? Choose the right cleaner.For general cleaning, choose a water-based cleaner with a neutral pH.For vinyl flooring, the cleaner with acrylate polish is […]

Cleaning and maintenance for vinyl flooring samples on display stands

Because of the particularity of vinyl flooring samples, the cleaning and maintenance of their samples has always been a problem for agents selling vinyl flooring.In fact,as long as you master the essentials of vinyl flooring cleaning, it is not problems anymore.Today,I will introduce several vinyl flooring sample cleaning and maintenance methods for everyone. First, the […]