Flooring display stands purchase tips

In order to better highlight the flooring display stands, display stand display, people in the purchase of display cabinets, display racks need to have some know-how, according to the needs of the display of goods to buy, rather than feel, feel good to buy . Purchase should pay attention to the following points:
1, the display cabinets placed against the wall, the display back plate is opaque board, optional and the cabinet appearance of the same color, white (recommended), mirror; top can be installed light box, cabinet lights optional fluorescent, The height of the top with a light box in the 1800-2400mm in height, the height of 1800 below the display cabinet is not suitable to install the top light box; depth is generally 350 – 400mm, if the display of larger volume items, the depth of the light, You can choose 400mm. Of course, this also requires you to tile according to their area square and height to decide.
2, square vertical display cabinets, display stands are generally four sides can be placed tiles, this war can be 400 * 400 or smaller size. But do not put too large size sample size. Because large-scale tile samples easily increase the pressure on the square. Reduce the service life.

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