Cleaning and maintenance of Vinyl Tile Flooring

Initial maintenance: vinyl flooring can not be brushed or rubbed within 5 days after laying, in order to
facilitate the dryness of the adhesive.Gently wash and polish with a milky wax or coating.If the finish is
required to be high, it needs to be polished, but vinyl tile flooring is usually not very demanding.
 Every day should do: sweep the floor or dry with a treated oil-free mop,use a cold water and diluted
artificial detergent solution to wet, but not rinse.To mop as often as possible; remove the stains by polishing
to increase the brightness.After the wet drag, just polish it in the place where it is needed. For example,
where the film falls off, the accumulated thick dirt will be wiped off, but the polishing agent should be
avoided, and the steel wool can be rubbed easily for the scratches that are difficult to remove.

The next day should do: spray a creamy polish and polish (some machines can do this at the same time), using
high-quality steel wool velvet pads to remove hard-to-scratch dirt. In addition, the old ground may need to be
sealed with wax to fill the ground gap, making the floor easier to clean. Note: To maintain sufficient wax or
polish on the floor, avoid using abrasive cleaners on unwaxed floors.

 Regularly should do: When the local wax accumulation is more obvious, the wax can be removed (1 to 6 times a
year), and the solution is diluted with a safe waxing machine to wax. Let the solution stay on the ground for 3
to 5 minutes, but do not allow the solution to dry. Rinse thoroughly with a hard brush under the motor or with
a soft synthetic or steel wool pad, then blot the solution with a vacuum aspirator or mop. If necessary, brush
again, brush 2 or 3 layers of polish.
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