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Tips for Maintain Your New Hardwood Floors

When you’re thinking of new flooring for your home, there is nothing more beautiful than hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are often the most attractive feature in any room. Hardwood flooring in good condition can add warmth to your home and contribute to the total value of the house. Keeping hardwood floors in good condition, however, […]

Eco-Friendly Flooring for Your Home

Healthy, beautiful, and sustainable hardwood floors are perfect for the environmentally conscious consumer.Green, renewable flooring options are popular for home flooring installation with laminate and vinyl woods, and laminate tiles. Laminate Wood – Laminate flooring yields stunningly realistic visuals and textures just like real wood. As a synthetic material, any wood can be replicated at […]

Best Rooms for Hardwood Flooring

You’ll love the rich beauty of wood floors in these rooms, and you can install them without performance worries if you take a few precautions. Living room: Hardwood communicates the lifestyle homeowners enjoy sharing when hosting gatherings of family and friends. It stands up well to traffic, even if you forego a no-shoes policy when […]

What About the Hardwood Flooring in the Kitchen?

Homeowners who love hardwood flooring, especially those with open floorplans, want to know if hardwood is OK for the kitchen. Go for it, with a couple of caveats – Consider engineered hardwood because its plywood base layers handle moisture better than solid hardwood Clean up spills promptly, like an NFL lineman diving on a fumble […]

Getting maximum longevity from your flooring.

New flooring is a significant financial investment, so getting the greatest longevity from your existing floors is important, whether they’re new or have a few years of wear on them. The subject of this guide is how to make your floors last longer. 1,TLC for Carpeting The key to long-lasting carpet is to keep it […]

6 elements to consider when picking Laminate vs Hardwood Flooring

In order to make the best flooring decision for your home or business, the laminate vs. hardwood flooring debate must incorporate an objective and informed analysis of 6 fairly broad elements. Lifestyle or Usage – Homeowners and business owners who impartially assess their lifestyle or usage are more likely to make the right decision. For […]

Veneer Choices for Engineered Wood Floors

Engineered wood floors are available in tongue and groove strips that can be stapled and/or glued to the subfloor. Due to new technology, “long plank ” veneers are designed for use in “floating” installations below grade or over concrete, where boards are glued to each other and not attached to the subfloor. This type installation […]

How Engineered Wood Floors are Made

Many consumers are put off by the term “engineered’ when, in reality, the effect should be directly opposite. When it comes to wood floors, “engineered” stands for the future. Engineered wood floors are not made from solid hardwood but they are genuine wood floors replete with warmth, beauty and integrity. The bonded inner plies or […]

Painting Your Hardwood Stair Risers

Distinctive hardwood stairs say a lot about a property’s quality and painted risers can make a lasting impression and actually emphasize the quality and natural beauty of the stairs better than solid hardwood risers. Homeowners and business owners primarily choose to paint risers for aesthetic reasons but regardless of the type of wood used for […]

Pre-finished Hardwood Pros

The durable finishes of pre-finished hardwood allow for easy installation on a broad number of subfloors. This flexibility is not assured with site finished hardwood flooring. Additionally, pre-finished hardwood can be installed in just about any climate because pre-finished hardwood has proven to be more resistant to moisture and humidity than site finished hardwood. This […]