Five wooden floor substitutes, waterproof and beautiful!

As we all know, the wooden floor is good-looking and the foot feeling is good. It is a good choice for
many people when decorating the floor, but the wooden floor also has shortcomings, such as too expensive,
not durable enough, difficult to manage, etc. Today,we introduce five alternatives to wood flooring,
which avoids the shortcomings and meets the visual needs.

Vinyl flooring
Vinyl flooring,high strength, heat and abrasion resistance, can be used as a substitute for wood
flooring.Vinyl flooring can be made into any color you want, as well as similar patterns to wooden

Laminate flooring
In a strict sense, laminate flooring is also one of the wooden floorings. Different from natural wood
flooring, laminate flooring is more wear-resistant and can also be waterproof. foot feeling is also good,
the price is also cheaper, suitable for the bedroom.

Cork flooring
The cork flooring is pressed from the bark of oak, which is comfortable on the floor, soft to the feet.
It is also waterproof,wear-resistant and sound-insulating.It can be placed in the kitchen and is an ideal
substitute.But the disadvantage is expensive, known as the floor consumer goods of the pyramid tip.

Bamboo flooring
Bamboo flooring is now almost the most popular substitute for wood flooring. Bamboo can be quickly
regenerated, and its environmental protection even exceeds that of wood flooring.Some people may worry
that the surface is not hard enough and may not be wear-resistant,In fact, it can be done by polishing
and repairing.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
It’s made of wood, resin and wax,it is wear-resistant,strong,cheap and smooth,and is a good wall

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