Features and Functions of Wooden Flooring Display Stand, and How to Maintain?

1. Features of wooden flooring display stand

It is characterized by a beautiful appearance, firm structure, free assembly, quick disassembly and assembly, and convenient transportation. And this kind of displays stand has a noble and elegant style, which can bring a good decorative effect and make the wooden floor show extraordinary charm.

2. The method of wooden flooring display stand

To achieve the desired results, some preparation is required. The first is the selection of raw materials for displays stand: display stand panels are generally made of environmentally friendly wood and high-quality paint. If the board is not an environmentally friendly board, the displays stand will have a great smell of formaldehyde after it is made. The smell of formaldehyde is not only unpleasant but also very harmful to the human body.

The second is the practical value of the floor covering displays. The displays stand designer must design a display stand with novel style, comfortable operation and enough storage form for each group of customers. Just like wooden floors of different materials, different storage methods are required. When product designers design, they must not only consider these external factors, but also consider the industrialized production model, and also rely on the existing mature technology to facilitate production and improve product design standards in order to be recognized by customers.

Finally, some light sources can be added. In the design of displays stands, light and color have the most direct and strong emotional impact on the audience. Therefore, light and color are one of the important means for designers to render the display atmosphere and create a space mood. The wooden flooring display stand with novel concept, bright theme, unique style and rich artistic expression should be combined with modern fashion and popular elements, and be cleverly conceived and designed. Through the contrast and design of display methods, colors, lighting and other elements, an atmosphere and tone can be created, bringing consumers visual pleasure and stimulating potential consumers’ desire to buy.

Therefore, as long as the wooden flooring display stand has these points, it will definitely play a better role. If you are looking for such a display stand, our display equipment is a good choice.

3. How to Maintain Wooden Flooring Display stand?

In addition to solidity, safety, timeliness, economy and other factors of the wooden flooring display stand are within the customer’s consideration, and resistance to dirt is also a major factor. Some customers bought the display rack and used it for a period of time, and it was stained with a lot of dust. The surface looks not as brand new as before. The bright colors also become dim. In response to this question, we usual advice is: physical cleaning. The details are as follows.

Ⅰ. Maintenance method for wooden flooring display stand: wipe with milk

The wooden flooring display designed and produced by the manufacturer is all painted with a beautiful appearance. If it is placed in a dusty exhibition hall, and a lot of dust will accumulate after long-term use, you can simply wipe it with expired milk and wrung out rags. The protein in milk can combine well with dust and take away most of the dust on the surface of the paint.

Ⅱ. Maintenance method for wooden flooring display stands: wipe with tea

If there is no expired milk and you don’t want to waste fresh milk, it is also a good way to wipe the wooden flooring display with tea. Tea can make the surface of the displays equipment cleaner and brighter. Note: After wiping, please use warm water to wipe off the tea stains from the surface of the display stand.

Ⅲ. Maintenance method for wooden flooring display stands: lightly wipe with white vinegar

Vinegar is really a good thing that it can be used everywhere. Vinegar has the function of sterilization and deodorization, and is slightly corrosive. So for those wooden flooring display stands dust that is a little difficult to clean, using vinegar is a good way. Its effect is greater than that of milk and tea. These are common products in daily life. When you are free, you can clean up the dust, which will not affect your work efficiency, but can also enhance the image of the wooden floor exhibition hall.

4. The service life of the wooden floor display stands

Different types of wooden floor display racks and floor display racks in different environments have different service lives. Here we only discuss how long the flooring display racks can be used in an ideal or hypothetical state.

Wooden floor steel display rack: This type of display rack is made of special high-quality steel. Under non-artificial circumstances, the service life of general steel display racks is relatively long, which can reach 5-8 years. The only thing that restricts his usage time is the display rack style and rust.

MDF floor display rack: MDF has a shorter service life than steel materials. And mdf displays is easily affected by a humid environment. Usually 3-5 years can be achieved with good maintenance.

5. Tips for extending the service life of wooden floor display stands

Reasonable environment, whether it is steel material or MDF material, the wooden floor display rack needs to be in a dry environment. The wooden floor display racks are not placed in dangerous places. The display racks are relatively fragile and only play the role of display. Remember to place them in places where the ground is unstable and vulnerable to attack. Be gentle, and remember to be gentle and not rude when placing samples. The end result of using brute force is a reduction in the lifespan of the wooden door display stands.