Kitchen floor decoration material selection

In the kitchen decoration, the floor decoration is the most important.Beautiful floor will take on an
altogether new aspect and add extra points to the kitchen, but the kitchen is easy to be wet and oily.
Therefore, the kitchen floor should be protected from moisture and slip.The following is the main
material for kitchen floor decoration.
Vinyl is a very tough material that is resistant to dirt, water, easy to clean, and has a warm tactile
touch. It comes in a variety of thicknesses and prices.The floor is flaky and brick-like, soft and hard.The biggest advantage of vinyl tile flooring is that it is almost maintenance-free and easy to use, so many home kitchen renovations will choose it.
Wooden floor, can you use it in the kitchen?
Wood flooring could not be used in the kitchen in the past.Even nowadays, many people think that it is
not suitable for the kitchen. It is poor in water resistance and difficult to maintain.However, the new
composite flooring dedicated to the kitchen is now resistant to slip, stain and water.Great improvements
have been made to adapt to the special use conditions of the kitchen, and the wooden floor can be used in
the kitchen now.
Tiles, the most suitable for use on the ground
The tile floor is durable, easy to clean, and the color is diverse,so it has always been the mainstream
of the kitchen floor decoration, but the disadvantage is that the tile flooring is hard,cold,damp and
very slippery. If you want to use it in the kitchen,keep the kitchen dry.
Marble,is it suitable for kitchen?
Some people in order to unify the decoration style, the kitchen floor decoration will also use marble,
marble is gorgeous and beautiful which will make the kitchen looks more beautiful, but the price is
expensive and not waterproof. If there is water splashing on the ground for a long time, the color of the
marble will be deepened and the kitchen floor will be ugly.So it is not to recommend use marble the
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