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Five wooden floor substitutes, waterproof and beautiful!

As we all know, the wooden floor is good-looking and the foot feeling is good. It is a good choice for
many people when decorating the floor, but the wooden floor also has shortcomings, such as too expensive,
not durable enough, difficult to manage, etc. Today,we introduce five alternatives to wood flooring,
which avoids the shortcomings and meets the visual needs.

Vinyl flooring
Vinyl flooring,high strength, heat and abrasion resistance, can be used as a substitute for wood
flooring.Vinyl flooring can be made into any color you want, as well as similar patterns to wooden

Laminate flooring
In a strict sense, laminate flooring is also one of the wooden floorings. Different from natural wood
flooring, laminate flooring is more wear-resistant and can also be waterproof. foot feeling is also good,
the price is also cheaper, suitable for the bedroom.

Cork flooring
The cork flooring is pressed from the bark of oak, which is comfortable on the floor, soft to the feet.
It is also waterproof,wear-resistant and sound-insulating.It can be placed in the kitchen and is an ideal
substitute.But the disadvantage is expensive, known as the floor consumer goods of the pyramid tip.

Bamboo flooring
Bamboo flooring is now almost the most popular substitute for wood flooring. Bamboo can be quickly
regenerated, and its environmental protection even exceeds that of wood flooring.Some people may worry
that the surface is not hard enough and may not be wear-resistant,In fact, it can be done by polishing
and repairing.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
It’s made of wood, resin and wax,it is wear-resistant,strong,cheap and smooth,and is a good wall

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Kitchen floor decoration material selection

In the kitchen decoration, the floor decoration is the most important.Beautiful floor will take on an
altogether new aspect and add extra points to the kitchen, but the kitchen is easy to be wet and oily.
Therefore, the kitchen floor should be protected from moisture and slip.The following is the main
material for kitchen floor decoration.
Vinyl is a very tough material that is resistant to dirt, water, easy to clean, and has a warm tactile
touch. It comes in a variety of thicknesses and prices.The floor is flaky and brick-like, soft and hard.The biggest advantage of vinyl tile flooring is that it is almost maintenance-free and easy to use, so many home kitchen renovations will choose it.
Wooden floor, can you use it in the kitchen?
Wood flooring could not be used in the kitchen in the past.Even nowadays, many people think that it is
not suitable for the kitchen. It is poor in water resistance and difficult to maintain.However, the new
composite flooring dedicated to the kitchen is now resistant to slip, stain and water.Great improvements
have been made to adapt to the special use conditions of the kitchen, and the wooden floor can be used in
the kitchen now.
Tiles, the most suitable for use on the ground
The tile floor is durable, easy to clean, and the color is diverse,so it has always been the mainstream
of the kitchen floor decoration, but the disadvantage is that the tile flooring is hard,cold,damp and
very slippery. If you want to use it in the kitchen,keep the kitchen dry.
Marble,is it suitable for kitchen?
Some people in order to unify the decoration style, the kitchen floor decoration will also use marble,
marble is gorgeous and beautiful which will make the kitchen looks more beautiful, but the price is
expensive and not waterproof. If there is water splashing on the ground for a long time, the color of the
marble will be deepened and the kitchen floor will be ugly.So it is not to recommend use marble the
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The tips of purchasing floor tiles for kitchen

Kitchen floor tile laying is particular, like wall tiles, floor tiles, waist lines those where should  be paid attention to,here is to share with you the key points of kitchen tile purchase, let’s learn together!
Kitchen wall tile color choice
The walls of the kitchen are generally made of bright light-colored wall tiles, because the kitchen should make people feel clean, tidy, and pleasant, dark colors will make people depressed.If you consider using matt for the walls, it is best to use a flat surface. Do not use those that have a concave and convex shape because it is not convenient to scrub.
The principle of using the waistline.
You can use the tiles instead of the waistline to create a kitchen atmosphere.Fancy tiles, dotted with plain walls, add a pleasant, lively atmosphere to the kitchen.When choosing tiles, it is more important to have the concept of “decoration” of tiles.In general, the main function of the tile is to add effect, to set off the atmosphere, a kitchen can choose two or three tiles, if too much, it will be very cumbersome, making people feel dazzled.The color is mainly bright and lively, which can highlight the kitchen atmosphere.And the waist line,I think it’s not necessary,firstly,the cabinet space is limited, generally about 75cm, if you add the waistline, it will feel a little cumbersome.Secondly, you can reduce unnecessary expenses.
The back of the cabinet should also be covered with tiles.
Now many families will buy sets of cabinets and think that the space behind the cabinets can’t be seen and let the walls be exposed, but the tiles should be covered behind the cabinets.The tile is the best protection for the waterproof layer on the kitchen wall;secondly, the tile will greatly reduce the erosion of the kitchen moisture on the cabinet and prevent the cabinet from being moldy.Three tiling is beneficial to the cabinet to level with the ground and the wall, so that the cabinet and the wall floor seams match,to maintain the cabinet’s beauty and protect the life of the cabinet.
Determination of kitchen floor tiles specifications
The specifications of floor tiles  for kitchen are mainly 300*300 and 330*330. The specifications should
not be too large.It is too big for the ground to level, and it is not easy to install floor drain. The material is best to use matt non-slip glazed tiles to prevent the water in the kitchen makes the floor slippery, making safety problem,so non-slip is the most important element when choosing kitchen floor tiles.
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Vinyl display stand ideas and design

The placement and design of the vinyl display stand is very particular. On the basis of ergonomics, the
size and height of the display rack, the angle of view with the human eye, and the line of sight of the
display stand and the sight should be considered.
First,you should choose a vinyl display stands which is similar to the decoration style of your own
shop. Don’t be too tall or too short. It is best to determine the height between 1.8 meters and 2.2
meters, because customers need to take samples.The layer spacing is as large as possible in the case of
aesthetics, which is convenient for customers to choose.
Vinyl plank display stand placed secret one: product location
Generally, the vinyl display stand is divided into many layers. The sample in the middle area from the
top to the bottom is the one with the largest sales volume. Because this display rack and the consumer’s
line of sight are basically parallel, it is easy to reach, and it is the most convenient for consumers to
Vinyl display racks placed secret two: sample display surface, quantity
In general, 20 degrees down from the human eye is the easiest to watch. The average human vision is
from 110 degrees to 120 degrees, and the visual width ranges from 1.5 m to 2 m. The viewing angle during
walking and shopping in the store is 60 degrees, and the visual range is 1 m.
Vinyl display stands placed secret three: product freshness, hygiene
Nowadays, the competition in the society is getting more and more fierce. Consumers are demanding more
and more products. They always want to buy the latest R&D and the best quality products. They can’t wait
for the products to be produced every day, which puts high demands on the manufacturers.Therefore,
manufacturers and stores must ensure the freshness of the products in the exhibition hall. The position
of the exhibition hall and the sample are replaced at regular intervals, and the display is vivid.

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