Vinyl is highly active, easy to be multi-structured, high intensity, flexible and shiny.It is used as a basic material for plastics. Vinyl is non-toxic and can be recycled and reused, so it is more eco-friendly than other synthetic materials. In addition, it is dampproof and easy to clean.

The care of vinyl display stand.

Vinyl Care Do’s:
Wash off the stains on it with warm water.
Sweep or vacuum and damp mop vinyl for general cleaning.

Vinyl Care Don’ts:
Don’t use harsh chemical cleaners on the vinyl display stand unless you’re tired of it and want to ruin it as an excuse to replace it with some gorgeous natural hardwood flooring.
If you use a vacuum cleaner to suck the vinyl display stand, turn off the rotating brush, which is the agitator bar, as it will damage the surface.

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