How About Vinyl Flooring?

  Vinyl flooring is a new type of lightweight floor covering material which is very popular in the world. It is made of floor coating and can be used on boards or surfaces. So what are theadvantages of vinyl flooring?
Strong decorative effects
The purpose of vinyl flooring is to imitate other materials, such as carpet, stone, wood floor,etc. The lines are realistic and beautiful, the color is various and beautiful, the cutting and splicing is simple and easy,, it is difficult to see the original material from a distance.
Quick installation and Easy maintenance
The installation doesn’t need cement mortar and can be used after 24 hours.It’s easy to clean,maintenance-free, not afraid of water, oil, acid, alkali and other chemical substances,you justneed a wet mop when you clean it, saving time and strength.No waxing after installation, just normal daily maintenance can be as clean as new.
The vinyl floor is completely waterproof, so it can be used in the home,especially the bathroom and kitchen.
Environmentally friendly and Renewable
Vinyl floor is the only ground material that can be recycled, which has great significance for protecting our natural resources and ecological environment.
The vinyl floor has a special high-tech processed transparent wear layer with a wear resistance of up to 300,000 rpm.In the traditional floor materials, the wear-resistant laminate flooring has a wear resistance of only 13,000 rpm and the service life is 20-30 years, the good laminate flooring is only 20,000 rpm.
The tightly structured surface layer and the high-elastic foam cushion are treated with a strong support, even if glassware is not easily broken when it falls to the ground. The comfort of the foot is close to the carpet, which is very suitable for the elderly and children.
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