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Choose luxury vinyl flooring to decorate your home

The luxury and high-end vinyl flooring is available in a variety of forms,it is now made to simulate
the look of vinyl flooring wood effect, marble, mosaic effects,etc.A floor created out of luxury vinyl flooring
will add a touch of luxury and class to your room, and should be considered a worthwhile
investment.Today, we talk about why choose luxury vinyl flooring to decorate your home.

Wide Range Of Styles And Colors.
It simulates the appearance of many natural substrates, such as stone, tile, wood, and even
marble.Multiple colors, patterns and textures create endless possibilities, no matter what your style
or budget preference, there are many options to choose from.
Long Lasting, Wear Resistant
Most vinyl flooring has four layers that create both aesthetically pleasing and durable materials.
The last layer is called the “wear layer” and is made of vinyl to protect the floor from wear and
tear.It is suitable for dents and gouging.The resistance depends on the thickness of the layer, and
the thicker the wear layer, the longer the durability of the floor.
Comfortable Underfoot.
Cushioned vinyl flooring will always provide a higher degree of comfort for standing and walking
than tile, wood or laminate flooring.If you are going to install your flooring in areas where you will
be doing a lot of walking or standing, such as in the kitchen,a style that includes a cushioned
backing will likely be most comfortable.
Easy to clean.
Vinyl floors today are typical sold as “no wax” floors.These “no-wax” surfaces are easier to clean
because the floor shines without waxing.A damp mop is all that is usually needed to keep it clean.The
top wear layer will also be highly resistant to staining and scratching.It is important to note that
these “no-wax” floors will eventually lose their shine over time.The manufacturer recommends polishing
or recoating the floor with a “wax-free” material on the surface with reduced brightness.It is best to
use the coating materials recommended by the manufacturer as there are different formulations on the
  Easy to install.
If you have evenly laid tiles or wooden floors in your home,you can talk to your sales person about
how to install vinyl flooring on them, which saves you money and time because you may not need to
install new flooring before installing.
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Laminate flooring vs wooden flooring,which is better?

When decorating the floor, many people will choose the wooden floor, but because of its expensive
price, it will be considered again. In fact, you don’t really need wood flooring, because the laminate
is a very effective alternative,but is this the best choice for you ? There are many things to
consider when you weigh your floor choices, so keep reading to know four key factors about how to
choose the floor.
It is because wood floor is expensive that we just choose laminate flooring,so in terms of price,
laminate flooring has obvious advantages.
Laminate flooring installation costs are on average 50% lower than wooden flooring, so if you really
want the appearance of a wooden floor but can’t afford expensive price,this is the ideal
solution.However,although wooden flooring contains a larger initial expenditure,it can be considered
as an investment because it will increase the value of your house.
You need to maintain laminate flooring and wood flooring by sweeping,vacuuming and mopping the
floor, but the latter is more susceptible to scratches and moisture.However, since laminate flooring
is not as attractive as real wood flooring, the fact that you can think it is more durable is somewhat
Laminate flooring is not easy to repair,although you can replace some damaged parts,but it is likely
to not match the rest of the floor.Hardwood,on the other hand,can be sanded and reworked to eliminate
any defects that ensure it lasts for decades.However, if you don’t have much time to repair hardwood
floors,you’d to choose a more durable laminate flooring—especially in areas where people are walking
As the saying goes,“a penny is a good thing”,although the laminate flooring is a precise
imitation,it does not completely replicate the high quality and recognizable style of the wooden
In the end,most of your decisions will be attributed to your budget.In the end,most of your
decisions will be attributed to your budget,and which type of floor you choose will also prove to be
one of the main features of your home.
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How to clean vinyl flooring?

Compared with ceramic tiles, the vinyl flooring cleaning has more precautions, especially when
choosing a cleaning agent, so that the floor can be used for longer time. So how to clean vinyl
flooring better?

Choose the right cleaner.For general cleaning, choose a water-based cleaner with a neutral pH.For
vinyl flooring, the cleaner with acrylate polish is neutral pH,very mild to dissolve grease and dirt,
choose alkaline water-based cleaner.
Dilute your chosen detergent in water.You may want to buy distilled water instead of using hard
water and you can buy cheaper distilled water in the supermarket.
Take off your shoes.This will prevent them from soiling the floor when the floor is wet, but be
careful to slip.
Wipe the floor.Dip a dipped mop in the water diluted with the detergent and wipe the floor along the
wood grain of the floor.
Use a piece of cloth to clean the hard spots.Dip a dip in the water diluted with the cleaner,then
use your hand to scrub the stain.
Use a mop to dry and leave excess water on the floor.Wring the mop and wipe the floor until the mop
is saturated with water and repeat the process until the floor is completely dry.“Don’t ignore this
seemingly simple step”: Although the floor surface seals are waterproof, they can’t stand the long-
term wetting.
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Cleaning and maintenance for vinyl flooring samples on display stands

Because of the particularity of vinyl flooring samples, the cleaning and maintenance of their
samples has always been a problem for agents selling vinyl flooring.In fact,as long as you master the
essentials of vinyl flooring cleaning, it is not problems anymore.Today,I will introduce several vinyl
flooring sample cleaning and maintenance methods for everyone.
First, the cleaning of vinyl flooring samples
In daily cleaning, wiping with a dry cotton cloth is OK.If there is stubborn stain on it, wipe it with
a neutral cleaning solvent and then wipe it with a cotton cloth.Note: Do not use organic solvents such
as acid, alkaline solvent or gasoline.This will completely destroy the surface physical structure of
vinyl flooring samples.
Second, vinyl flooring sample waxing
The number of waxing should not be too much.The purpose of waxing is to prevent
moisture,damage,increase the surface luminosity and facilitate cleaning.If you waxing the flooring
frequently, the floor sample will be damaged, causing the wax scale to superimpose on the wax layer,
and there will be a gray layer in the middle of the wax layer,which will affect the waxing effect.
Third, prevent other sharp objects from harming vinyl flooring samples
Many people don’t care about the protection of vinyl flooring samples.There are many materials that
can scratch the vinyl flooring samples on the display stand,and the sample is scratched
accidentally.In addition it is very unwise to place it in a place with a lot of dust,which will
accelerate the aging of vinyl flooring samples.
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