Vinyl tile display stand suitable for exhibition

Tile sellers will use a variety of display stands and cabinets to display their products.Although the
cabinet looks more luxurious and beautiful, it is more troublesome to disassemble and transport, so
sellers are more likely to choose a simple display rack with a small footprint.Today I will introduce you
the simple Vinyl Tile Display Stand which are used in the exhibition hall.


Display Stand for Vinyl Tile Flooring
Yes, it is so simple, you can bring several more to the exhibition,because it is very light and small,
and it is very convenient to place the products.You just need to insert the vinyl tile on it. Don’t worry
that it will be unstable,because it is tailored to the thickness of your sample, everything is just

Folding luxury vinyl tile display stand
Compared with the previous one,It is a bigger flip-type display rack. It is movable which is the
advantage that the previous display rack does not have.

Portable vinyl flooring display stand

Similar to the first one, it is also very suitable for exhibition, but its height is relatively high. I
think that in addition to considering the problems of the products, the color matching of the products is
also very important, so how do you think the color matching effect of the samples on the picture?I think
this is a problem you need to consider when showing vinyl tile floorings.

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