How to maintain laminate flooring?Laminate Wood Flooring Display Rack

The laminate flooring is composed of four layers of materials, namely wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, high-density substrate layer and balanced (moisture-proof) layer. It is suitable for conference rooms, offices, high-cleanness laboratories, etc.Floor decoration of high-end hotels, restaurants and residential buildings.Although the laminate flooring has a moisture barrier, it is not suitable for use in wet places such as bathrooms and toilets.Let’s learn about how to maintain the laminate floor now.
Keep the indoor air circulating after the floor has been laid.
Overweight items should be placed in a stable position, and furniture and heavy objects should not be pushed and pulled hard to avoid scratching the surface of the wear layer.
Don’t use a sharp weapon to scratch and draw the floor surface.
Do not soak the floor with water. If there is any accident, use a dry mop to dry the floor.
Keep the floor dry and clean, and if there is dirt on the floor, dry it with a damp mop that does not drip.
Prevent the floor from being deformed by the cookware.
A foot pad should be placed in front of the door to reduce the abrasion of the sand on the floor.
Use a floor cleaner to clean spots and stains.Do not use detergent with damaging properties,such as metal tools, nylon friction pads, and bleaching powder.
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