How to clean vinyl flooring?

Compared with ceramic tiles, the vinyl flooring cleaning has more precautions, especially when
choosing a cleaning agent, so that the floor can be used for longer time. So how to clean vinyl
flooring better?

Choose the right cleaner.For general cleaning, choose a water-based cleaner with a neutral pH.For
vinyl flooring, the cleaner with acrylate polish is neutral pH,very mild to dissolve grease and dirt,
choose alkaline water-based cleaner.
Dilute your chosen detergent in water.You may want to buy distilled water instead of using hard
water and you can buy cheaper distilled water in the supermarket.
Take off your shoes.This will prevent them from soiling the floor when the floor is wet, but be
careful to slip.
Wipe the floor.Dip a dipped mop in the water diluted with the detergent and wipe the floor along the
wood grain of the floor.
Use a piece of cloth to clean the hard spots.Dip a dip in the water diluted with the cleaner,then
use your hand to scrub the stain.
Use a mop to dry and leave excess water on the floor.Wring the mop and wipe the floor until the mop
is saturated with water and repeat the process until the floor is completely dry.“Don’t ignore this
seemingly simple step”: Although the floor surface seals are waterproof, they can’t stand the long-
term wetting.
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