2019 National Day holiday and company address relocation Notice from Tsianfan Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

The National Day is approaching,Tsianfan Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. will take a break from October 1st to October 5th.Please adjust your purchase plan and time.
In addition,there is an important notice about Tsianfan,we will move to a new place after the
National Day,the address is:2nd Floor,No.27,Xiangxing 1st Road,Xiangyu Free Trade Zone,Huli
District,Xiamen City,Fujian Province.Although the address has changedthe service has not
changed,welcome to New Tsianfan for a visit!


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2019 Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Notice from Tsianfan Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Mid-Autumn Festival,the Chinese lunar calendar on August 15th,if it is sunny on that day,the moon will be especially round and bright,which symbolizing perfection,so it is also known as the reunion festival, which is the second largest tradition after the Chinese New Year.Most people will choose to go home to meet with their families,sit with their families to eat moon cakes,and enjoy the glorious full moon.What do we eat on Mid Autumn Festival?Mooncakes are also an important gift for friends in the Mid-Autumn Festival.According to different customs in different places,some people will drink sweet-scented osmanthus wine,eat grapefruit and crabs,play lanterns,etc.In the Xiamen,Fujian,there is special event called”Bobin”,and it is listed as a national intangible cultural heritage project.
Tsianfan Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful city:Xiamen,which is a manufacturer of display racks integrating design,production and sales.We will hold Bobin on the evening of  September 12,2019 Beijing time,and have a rest on Sep 13 to Sep 15,please adjust your purchase plan as our leave time,thanks for your patience,I believe that the quality of Tsianfan will not let you down!

The difference between wooden flooring and laminate flooring

As we all know that wooden flooring is of good quality,but in the face of solid wooden flooring and laminate flooring,what’s the difference between them?Let’s take a look now.
Laminate floor vs Solid wood flooring

laminate display rack
Deformation aspect
Solid wood flooring is generally natural wood,and the texture are natural.It is easy to deform,so
the solid wood floor also undertakes this characteristic.The laminate flooring cleverly avoids this
drawback and will not be easily deformed.
Wear resistance
Most of the surface of the solid wood floor is not processed,and the surface of the laminate floor
has a layer of additives,and the laminate floor is relatively good.
Environmental protection
There is no doubt about the environmental performance of solid wood flooring without
additives.There are additives in the laminate flooring,and there are more or less harmful components.
Solid wood flooring has been at a high price for its raw material costs and other reasons.The price
is indeed cheaper by large-scale production of laminate flooring,But some high-quality laminate
flooring is not excluded,and the price is not necessarily cheaper than solid wood flooring.
The color and texture of solid wood panels are close to nature.Because they are not processed,they are diverse and diversified without laminate flooring.
Daily cleaning and maintenance
Solid wood flooring is prone to deformation when it is exposed to rainy weather.Therefore,it is
necessary to perform waxing and oiling operations in daily life to avoid affecting the gloss of solid
wood flooring.The laminate floor is relatively simple in daily maintenance,it doesn’t need to wax,
and oil,but be careful not to get wet,it is difficult to restore the original appearance.

Solid Flooring Display Rack,laminate flooing display stand

Tips for buying vinyl flooring display stands

Vinyl flooring is popular in offices or homes and is a new generation of floor replacements.Why is Vinyl flooring so popular?

1,vinyl flooring is waterproof and non-slip.2,good flexibility.3,wearable.4,very light.5.It is convenient to install.6,It has strong impact resistance,strong thermal conductivity and high wear resistance.
So how do you buy a vinyl floor display rack?
According to the characteristics listed above,vinyl flooring display stand can be designed as a countertop rack,floor-standing display,exhibition stand,etc,there are more choices in the floor showroom,but there are three tips when buying a vinyl floor display stand.
First,the newly bought vinyl flooring is slightly smelly,so the vinyl display stand should be
placed in a ventilated place to keep the air in the store fresh.
Secondly,since the vinyl floor is made of plastic,toxic gases will be released above 130 °C.Don’t
buy a vinyl floor display with a light box.At high temperatures,the light can generate a lot of heat
and affect the stability of the vinyl floor.
Third,vinyl floor display racks are available in a variety of styles,quality and grades.Because
vinyl flooring is different from other flooring such as solid wood,its grade will be slightly lower,
so you can try to buy a luxury vinyl floor display stand.
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How to choose floor tiles with good quality?

How to choose good quality floor tiles to lay out different patterns of the wall? You need to master the following tips.

1.Drop a few drops water in ceramic tile backside,waiting for a few minutes,inspect the
degree that its drop is inspiratory diffuse,not bibulous or bibulous rate is low,the
quality is good.
2.Tap the tile to hear if the sound is crisp,the sound is crisper,the higher the density, and the better the hardness.
3.Scratch the tile with sharp objects.If there is scratch,it means that the surface isn’t hard enough.After the surface glaze is polished,the brick surface can’t be cleaned anymore.
4.If the color is clear,it means that the porcelain is high,if its not clear,the porcelain is low.
5. When purchasing,observe the surface by your eyes within one meter.If there are pinhole,it means that the glazed surface is not completely fused,and it is easy to accumulate dirt.
6.Observing the warpage:Check whether the side of the tile is straight.If the warpage is serious,it will affect the firmness of the tile in the future.
Tsianfan (Xiamen) Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.is a professional Floor Tile Display Rack manufacturer integrating design, production and sales.We have a team dedicated to providing you with the most cost-effective design and manufacturing solutions for floor tile display stand,vinyl display stand and laminate display rack.For more information,please visit our homepage:www.flooringdisplaystand.com

How to maintain the laminate display rack

When purchasing laminate display rack,in addition to the robustness,safety,timeliness, economy, etc,resistance to dirt is also a major factor that should be considered.Some customers will find that the surface of laminate display stand is stained with dust and it looks not so brand new.For this problem, I recommend using the physical cleaning method as follows:


First,wipe with tea.The tea can make the surface of the rack more clean and bright.After wiping, please wipe the tea stains from the surface with warm water.
Second,wipe with milk.Don’t throw out expired milk,use it to wipe the laminate display frame to avoid waste.If the display rack is placed in a exhibition hall where dusty,and the dust has accumulated to affect the aesthetics of the laminate floor sample,using expired milk with a rag.The protein in the milk can well entangled with dust,taking away most of the dust on the painted surface.
Third,wipe with vinegar gently.Vinegar has the function of sterilization and deodorization,but it is slightly corrosive,so for those stubborn dust,it is better to use vinegar.Just put a little vinegar in the water,wipe the cloth with damp and wipe it with a clean rag.It is more useful than the milk and tea.
Tsianfan (Xiamen) Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional display rack manufacturer integrating design,production and sales.We have a team dedicated to providing you with the most cost-effective design and manufacturing solutions for laminate display rack,vinyl display stand and floor tile display stand,for more information,please visit our homepage.

Cleaning and maintenance for vinyl flooring samples on display stands

Because of the particularity of vinyl flooring samples, the cleaning and maintenance of their
samples has always been a problem for agents selling vinyl flooring.In fact,as long as you master the
essentials of vinyl flooring cleaning, it is not problems anymore.Today,I will introduce several vinyl
flooring sample cleaning and maintenance methods for everyone.
First, the cleaning of vinyl flooring samples
In daily cleaning, wiping with a dry cotton cloth is OK.If there is stubborn stain on it, wipe it with
a neutral cleaning solvent and then wipe it with a cotton cloth.Note: Do not use organic solvents such
as acid, alkaline solvent or gasoline.This will completely destroy the surface physical structure of
vinyl flooring samples.
Second, vinyl flooring sample waxing
The number of waxing should not be too much.The purpose of waxing is to prevent
moisture,damage,increase the surface luminosity and facilitate cleaning.If you waxing the flooring
frequently, the floor sample will be damaged, causing the wax scale to superimpose on the wax layer,
and there will be a gray layer in the middle of the wax layer,which will affect the waxing effect.
Third, prevent other sharp objects from harming vinyl flooring samples
Many people don’t care about the protection of vinyl flooring samples.There are many materials that
can scratch the vinyl flooring samples on the display stand,and the sample is scratched
accidentally.In addition it is very unwise to place it in a place with a lot of dust,which will
accelerate the aging of vinyl flooring samples.
Tsianfan (Xiamen) Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional display rack manufacturer integrating
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Vinyl display stand ideas and design

The placement and design of the vinyl display stand is very particular. On the basis of ergonomics, the
size and height of the display rack, the angle of view with the human eye, and the line of sight of the
display stand and the sight should be considered.
First,you should choose a vinyl display stands which is similar to the decoration style of your own
shop. Don’t be too tall or too short. It is best to determine the height between 1.8 meters and 2.2
meters, because customers need to take samples.The layer spacing is as large as possible in the case of
aesthetics, which is convenient for customers to choose.
Vinyl plank display stand placed secret one: product location
Generally, the vinyl display stand is divided into many layers. The sample in the middle area from the
top to the bottom is the one with the largest sales volume. Because this display rack and the consumer’s
line of sight are basically parallel, it is easy to reach, and it is the most convenient for consumers to
Vinyl display racks placed secret two: sample display surface, quantity
In general, 20 degrees down from the human eye is the easiest to watch. The average human vision is
from 110 degrees to 120 degrees, and the visual width ranges from 1.5 m to 2 m. The viewing angle during
walking and shopping in the store is 60 degrees, and the visual range is 1 m.
Vinyl display stands placed secret three: product freshness, hygiene
Nowadays, the competition in the society is getting more and more fierce. Consumers are demanding more
and more products. They always want to buy the latest R&D and the best quality products. They can’t wait
for the products to be produced every day, which puts high demands on the manufacturers.Therefore,
manufacturers and stores must ensure the freshness of the products in the exhibition hall. The position
of the exhibition hall and the sample are replaced at regular intervals, and the display is vivid.

Tsianfan (Xiamen) Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional display rack manufacturer integrating
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Pop vinyl display stand

Vinyl Wood Plank and Tile Display Rack

Vinyl Wood Plank and Tile Display Rack

I recently purchased two of these vinyl display racks to use at the Flea Market.The back support bars
on these racks fold up for easy storage.They are light weight and easy to assemble,so they are easy to
transport.They are sturdy. you can fit samples with different widths.steel construction offers
outstanding durability.

Vinyl Flooring Display Rack

1.MDF display rack
2.Can be customized
3.Easy to carry with
As illustrated this display frame for vinyl flooring and laminate planks will accommodate 16 samples.

Vinyl Flooring Display Stand For MarketingWD622-1
High preicision metal fabrication,custom sheet metal processing,metal laser cutting,bending,welding,powder coating.lightweight open frame desktop rack design saves space.Durable design: sturdy heavy duty high quality metal steel frame.

Tsianfan (Xiamen) Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional display rack manufacturer integrating
design, production and sales. Our team is committed to providing you with the most cost-effective design
and manufacturing solutions for Vinyl Display Stand and Metal Flooring Display Rack. For more
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Vinyl tile display stand suitable for exhibition

Tile sellers will use a variety of display stands and cabinets to display their products.Although the
cabinet looks more luxurious and beautiful, it is more troublesome to disassemble and transport, so
sellers are more likely to choose a simple display rack with a small footprint.Today I will introduce you
the simple Vinyl Tile Display Stand which are used in the exhibition hall.


Display Stand for Vinyl Tile Flooring
Yes, it is so simple, you can bring several more to the exhibition,because it is very light and small,
and it is very convenient to place the products.You just need to insert the vinyl tile on it. Don’t worry
that it will be unstable,because it is tailored to the thickness of your sample, everything is just

Folding luxury vinyl tile display stand
Compared with the previous one,It is a bigger flip-type display rack. It is movable which is the
advantage that the previous display rack does not have.

Portable vinyl flooring display stand

Similar to the first one, it is also very suitable for exhibition, but its height is relatively high. I
think that in addition to considering the problems of the products, the color matching of the products is
also very important, so how do you think the color matching effect of the samples on the picture?I think
this is a problem you need to consider when showing vinyl tile floorings.

Tsianfan (Xiamen) Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional Display rack manufacturer integrating
design, production and sales. Our team is committed to providing you with the most cost-effective design
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