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Painting Your Hardwood Stair Risers

Distinctive hardwood stairs say a lot about a property’s quality and painted risers can make a lasting impression and actually emphasize the quality and natural beauty of the stairs better than solid hardwood risers. Homeowners and business owners primarily choose to paint risers for aesthetic reasons but regardless of the type of wood used for […]

Pre-finished Hardwood Pros

The durable finishes of pre-finished hardwood allow for easy installation on a broad number of subfloors. This flexibility is not assured with site finished hardwood flooring. Additionally, pre-finished hardwood can be installed in just about any climate because pre-finished hardwood has proven to be more resistant to moisture and humidity than site finished hardwood. This […]

Site Finished Hardwood

Customization Allowed with Site Finished Hardwood Experts salute site finished hardwood for several specific reasons, foremost of which is the ability to customize the floor to the home and the surroundings. It takes a skilled workforce to install and site finish hardwood floors. But, the buyer who wants to maximize the natural beauty of hardwood […]

Things to consider when deciding what floor is right for you.

Hardwood floors are timeless and add character to any home. These classic, attractive floors aren’t to be taken lightly, however. There are a number of variables to consider when deciding what floor is right for you. Every species used in hardwood flooring has unique properties, but the main aspects you’ll need to judge are color […]

Tips For Caring For Your Engineered Floor

Follow these helpful tips to provide preventive maintenance to your Engineered Floor. It will extend the beauty and lifespan of your investment in the home. Place a rug around sinks to prevent water damage. During the winter months, use a humidifier to prevent gaps or cracks. Never use a wet mop. The standing water will […]

5 Healthy Reasons To Change To Wooden Floors

1,A house with wooden floors and rugs will contain only a tenth as much dust as a carpeted house. 2,Wood is a natural material and wood oils often have a strongly anti-bacterial action. Wood floors, unlike carpets, do not trap and accumulate concentrations of harmful chemicals and fumes, nor do they become homes for unpleasant […]

Wood Flooring: The Environmentally Friendly Flooring Material

What makes wood flooring the environmentally friendly flooring option? To grow one pound of wood, a tree uses 1.47 pounds of carbon dioxide and gives off 1.07 pounds of oxygen. Consequently, an acre of trees can remove about 13 tons of dust and gases from the atmosphere. However, once a tree stops growing and begins […]

Brief overview of A Quality Wood Floor

Here is a brief overview of the different aspects of picking out a quality wood flooring product. Raw Materials This can be difficult to ascertain but it is important to note that quality products start with quality raw materials. In engineered flooring this pertains to the backing material (plywood for multiply products and wood fillets […]

Wood Floor Finishes

Wood flooring can be finished in numerous different ways. Some finishes are burnished into the wood, some are natural oils that harden over time, some are a top coating that actually builds a film of protective finish over the wood and others chemically bond to the wood fibers to seal the wood from being able […]