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Controlling Humidity Levels To Avoid Flooring Problems

Because it is a natural product, hardwood floors respond to temperatures and humidity levels in your home. For example, when the humidity level in your home is high, wood flooring expands. On the other hand, when humidity levels drop, the flooring in your residence will contract. The reality is that this cycle of expanding and […]

Three key types of hardwood flooring

There are three key types of hardwood flooring: solid, longstrip, and engineered. Solid wood floors are typically a single plank of wood, with “tongues” and “grooves” that allow the pieces to connect. Solid floors are extremely moisture sensitive, and generally nailed down to ward off humidity fluctuations. As we’ve discussed before, seasonal moisture shifts cause […]

How to protect hardwood floors from rolling office chairs?

Are you concerned about the appearance of your hardwood floors becoming ruined by office chairs? This is a legitimate concern for many hardwood floor owners who enjoy sporting hardwood floors in their office, either at work or even at home. Rolling office chairs undoubtedly overtime will leave marks on your hardwood floors unless you take […]

Guide to Choosing the Perfect Floor for Your Home

Choosing the perfect flooring for your house can be challenging, especially when you’re not sure about the material that suit your requirements the best. To come to a decision, you need to know about the pros and cons of using a particular material for your floors. You can select the type of floors you need, […]

How to prevent hardwood floors from fading over time?

First you must understand the 2 factors that cause hardwood floors to change color at all: 1. Exposure to sunlight. 2. Applied finishes and/or stains. Minimizing exposure to sunlight. The key here is to reduce your hardwood floor’s exposure to sunlight. The best way to accomplish this is by covering up your windows, as windows […]

Should I install hardwood floors myself or pay someone to do it?

Installing hardwood floors is not as easy as taking a staple gun and connecting boards together. The process is much more complicated. And in certain conditions and climates, it can add an extra layer of difficulty. Here are a few things to consider first and foremost. Why We Recommend Against Installing Hardwood Floors Yourself 1. […]

The three phases of flooring installation

There are basically three phases to a flooring installation :phase one, floor prep;phase two,installation of the floor; phase three, the finishing details, are the most important. Phase 1 Phase one, floor prep, means making sure your substrate is clean, flat and dry. This is critical to any installation. For soft surfaces, making sure you have […]

Cause of Squeaky Floors

Squeaks are a common issue with hardwood flooring and have a number of causes. Squeaks can occur between the hardwood flooring and the subfloor or even between the subfloor and the floor joists. Solid wood floor joists can shrink ¼”. If the subfloor isn’t glued properly to the floor joist, it can create a gap […]

Different types of floorings to make your home look elegant

If you are planning to renovate your home then you can try out different types of floorings. They are stylish and unique. Popular ones are oak flooring, wood flooring, Hardwood Flooring. There are many online stores that deal in different types of interior decoration items. These stores are generally by interior designers who over the […]