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Five wooden floor substitutes, waterproof and beautiful!

As we all know, the wooden floor is good-looking and the foot feeling is good. It is a good choice for many people when decorating the floor, but the wooden floor also has shortcomings, such as too expensive, not durable enough, difficult to manage, etc. Today,we introduce five alternatives to wood flooring, which avoids the […]

Kitchen floor decoration material selection

In the kitchen decoration, the floor decoration is the most important.Beautiful floor will take on an altogether new aspect and add extra points to the kitchen, but the kitchen is easy to be wet and oily. Therefore, the kitchen floor should be protected from moisture and slip.The following is the main material for kitchen floor […]

The tips of purchasing floor tiles for kitchen

Kitchen floor tile laying is particular, like wall tiles, floor tiles, waist lines those where should  be paid attention to,here is to share with you the key points of kitchen tile purchase, let’s learn together! Kitchen wall tile color choice The walls of the kitchen are generally made of bright light-colored wall tiles, because the […]

Vinyl display stand ideas and design

The placement and design of the vinyl display stand is very particular. On the basis of ergonomics, the size and height of the display rack, the angle of view with the human eye, and the line of sight of the display stand and the sight should be considered. First,you should choose a vinyl display stands […]

Pop vinyl display stand

Vinyl Wood Plank and Tile Display Rack I recently purchased two of these vinyl display racks to use at the Flea Market.The back support bars on these racks fold up for easy storage.They are light weight and easy to assemble,so they are easy to transport.They are sturdy. you can fit samples with different widths.steel construction […]

Vinyl tile display stand suitable for exhibition

Tile sellers will use a variety of display stands and cabinets to display their products.Although the cabinet looks more luxurious and beautiful, it is more troublesome to disassemble and transport, so sellers are more likely to choose a simple display rack with a small footprint.Today I will introduce you the simple Vinyl Tile Display Stand […]

Vinyl display stand in Tsianfan

Are you struggling to find the suitable vinyl tile display stand?Or don’t know where to buy a favored display rack.You need to consider the size, thickness, the show effect, price,etc, don’t worry,today let me introduce several simple vinyl tile display stand to you which are made by Tsianfan industry. Single-sided double-row hanging display stand As […]

Cleaning and maintenance of Vinyl Tile Flooring

Initial maintenance: vinyl flooring can not be brushed or rubbed within 5 days after laying, in order to facilitate the dryness of the adhesive.Gently wash and polish with a milky wax or coating.If the finish is required to be high, it needs to be polished, but vinyl tile flooring is usually not very demanding.  Every […]

Flooring display stands purchase tips

In order to better highlight the flooring display stands, display stand display, people in the purchase of display cabinets, display racks need to have some know-how, according to the needs of the display of goods to buy, rather than feel, feel good to buy . Purchase should pay attention to the following points: 1, the […]