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2019 National Day holiday and company address relocation Notice from Tsianfan Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

The National Day is approaching,Tsianfan Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. will take a break from October 1st to October 5th.Please adjust your purchase plan and time. In addition,there is an important notice about Tsianfan,we will move to a new place after the National Day,the address is:2nd Floor,No.27,Xiangxing 1st Road,Xiangyu Free Trade Zone,Huli District,Xiamen City,Fujian Province.Although […]

2019 Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday Notice from Tsianfan Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

Mid-Autumn Festival,the Chinese lunar calendar on August 15th,if it is sunny on that day,the moon will be especially round and bright,which symbolizing perfection,so it is also known as the reunion festival, which is the second largest tradition after the Chinese New Year.Most people will choose to go home to meet with their families,sit with their […]

Durable years of wooden floor display stands

It iThe flooring display racks have different service lifes with different models and environments.It is only in an ideal state to discuss how long the floor display rack can be used.It is only in an ideal state to discuss how long the floor display rack can be used. Wood floor steel display rack:It is made […]

Tips for buying vinyl flooring display stands

Vinyl flooring is popular in offices or homes and is a new generation of floor replacements.Why is Vinyl flooring so popular? 1,vinyl flooring is waterproof and non-slip.2,good flexibility.3,wearable.4,very light.5.It is convenient to install.6,It has strong impact resistance,strong thermal conductivity and high wear resistance. So how do you buy a vinyl floor display rack? According to […]

How to choose floor tiles with good quality?

How to choose good quality floor tiles to lay out different patterns of the wall? You need to master the following tips. 1.Drop a few drops water in ceramic tile backside,waiting for a few minutes,inspect the degree that its drop is inspiratory diffuse,not bibulous or bibulous rate is low,the quality is good. 2.Tap the tile […]

How to maintain the laminate display rack

When purchasing laminate display rack,in addition to the robustness,safety,timeliness, economy, etc,resistance to dirt is also a major factor that should be considered.Some customers will find that the surface of laminate display stand is stained with dust and it looks not so brand new.For this problem, I recommend using the physical cleaning method as follows: First,wipe […]

What should pay attention to when buying laminate flooring display rack?

First of all, let’s see the laminate floorings’ characteristics: high-density fiberboard,dimensional stability is not very good, affected by temperature and humidity deformation, antibacterial, anti- mildew, rich color and pattern, fire performance is B1, lightweight. According to the characteristics of the above laminate flooring, what should be paid attention to when purchasing the laminate flooring display rack? […]

Choose luxury vinyl flooring to decorate your home

The luxury and high-end vinyl flooring is available in a variety of forms,it is now made to simulate the look of vinyl flooring wood effect, marble, mosaic effects,etc.A floor created out of luxury vinyl flooring will add a touch of luxury and class to your room, and should be considered a worthwhile investment.Today, we talk […]

Laminate flooring vs wooden flooring,which is better?

When decorating the floor, many people will choose the wooden floor, but because of its expensive price, it will be considered again. In fact, you don’t really need wood flooring, because the laminate is a very effective alternative,but is this the best choice for you ? There are many things to consider when you weigh […]