The difference between wooden flooring and laminate flooring

As we all know that wooden flooring is of good quality,but in the face of solid wooden flooring and laminate flooring,what’s the difference between them?Let’s take a look now.
Laminate floor vs Solid wood flooring

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Deformation aspect
Solid wood flooring is generally natural wood,and the texture are natural.It is easy to deform,so
the solid wood floor also undertakes this characteristic.The laminate flooring cleverly avoids this
drawback and will not be easily deformed.
Wear resistance
Most of the surface of the solid wood floor is not processed,and the surface of the laminate floor
has a layer of additives,and the laminate floor is relatively good.
Environmental protection
There is no doubt about the environmental performance of solid wood flooring without
additives.There are additives in the laminate flooring,and there are more or less harmful components.
Solid wood flooring has been at a high price for its raw material costs and other reasons.The price
is indeed cheaper by large-scale production of laminate flooring,But some high-quality laminate
flooring is not excluded,and the price is not necessarily cheaper than solid wood flooring.
The color and texture of solid wood panels are close to nature.Because they are not processed,they are diverse and diversified without laminate flooring.
Daily cleaning and maintenance
Solid wood flooring is prone to deformation when it is exposed to rainy weather.Therefore,it is
necessary to perform waxing and oiling operations in daily life to avoid affecting the gloss of solid
wood flooring.The laminate floor is relatively simple in daily maintenance,it doesn’t need to wax,
and oil,but be careful not to get wet,it is difficult to restore the original appearance.

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